Freshly Baked

Our food doesn’t have a use-by-date; we make it today, and we sell it today.

We start all our mornings to the smell of freshly baked bread, which is then filled instore to make our delicious baguettes.

All our muffins and pastries are prepared and baked fresh daily to our special recipe. With so many flavours to choose from we have a muffin for every day of the week!


Our coffee begins life in the lush fertile land of South America and Africa. We travel regularly to source the finest beans from countries as diverse as Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, and Ethiopia.

Each year our buyers select the finest beans from these diverse countries to create our secret recipe, ensuring the perfect coffee blend.

Our selected beans are shipped to us in regular small batches to ensure we always use the freshest beans.

We only roast what we need, and our shops get deliveries twice a week, so you can rest assured that you are drinking coffee at it’s freshest.

Our concern for the environment means that we use all manner of processes to reduce our carbon emissions - from recycling the heat used for roasting, and the catalysers reducing our emissions to a minimum, and recycling our cartons and stationery.

We really do put the love in coffee...